Contact as soon as possible with any questions or specific accommodation requests. During the conference, information is available at all Info Booths in the Austin Convention Center.

Service animals trained specifically to assist people with disabilities are welcome at all events. At all outdoor events where there are port-o-potties, accessible facilities will be provided.

The Conference does NOT provide:

  • DEVICES that are personal or individually prescribed, such as wheelchairs, prescription eye glasses, or hearing aids.
  • SERVICES of a personal nature, such as assistance in eating, toileting or dressing, or the pushing of wheelchairs. Specific circumstances are detailed below.


Patrons and presenters who are blind or have vision impairments should contact us at as soon as possible to discuss reasonable accommodations. Volunteers will be available to read information to patrons requesting accommodation.


Patrons and presenters who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing should contact as soon as possible to discuss reasonable accommodations and to schedule interpreters for conference events, such as keynote presentations, panels, Accelerator, and awards. SXSW will engage a quality ASL interpreting agency to provide quality American Sign Language interpreters, as needed.

Deaf presenters will be provided interpreters for their own presentations, but accommodation at other Conference panels and events must be requested by all non-presenters.

At all conference events where there is seating, SXSW will establish accessible sections for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Seats will be reserved for any accommodated patron, plus one companion, but only until the event starts, after which unclaimed seating will be opened to the general audience.

SXSW does not provide interpreters to accompany individuals to trade shows, satellite events or parties. We will work to find an agency that will provide pre-certified interpreters at no cost to conference participants for such events. This free service is dependent on sufficient notice and is subject to availability. Requests for interpreting at these type of events should be emailed to

The Conference does NOT provide connections to sound boards.

The Film Festival Guide designates which movies are closed-captioned or subtitled. Interpreting during screening of movies is provided only on a limited basis dependent on filmmaker, venue and sufficient notice.

The musical performances at Auditorium Shores will be accessible, featuring a quality ASL interpreting agency, but the Conference does NOT provide interpreting at independent music venues.


Patrons and presenters with mobility impairments should contact as soon as possible to discuss and arrange accommodations.

Wheelchairs and 3- or 4-wheel electric scooters are allowed and are reasonably accommodated. Users of any other mobility devices should contact Charging stations are provided throughout the Austin Convention Center; information on locations and specifications is provided at all Info Booths.

At all events where there is seating provided, accessible sections will be established for the mobility-impaired plus one companion. Seating for panels, keynote presentations, awards ceremonies and other popular events fills up quickly. Space for a mobility device and one companion is on a first-come first-served basis and is not guaranteed.

The Conference does NOT provide push services for presenters or patrons.

Auditorium Shores is a large outdoor venue with natural terrain. Attendance may require covering large distances over grassy, uneven and sometimes muddy ground. The accessible viewing platform is on the eastern side of the venue. The accessible viewing platform is available to patrons who use mobility devices plus one adult companion and children, as applicable. Information is available on directional signs or from any volunteer.

SXSW is spread out all over downtown Austin. Traffic is often congested and parking can be scarce. Patrons should be prepared to cover long distances. Available transportation services include the following:

SXSW will provide an accessible van for attendees who use mobility devices. The van will only be available for pick-ups and drop-offs on existing shuttle routes. Family and companions wearing Plus-1 accessibility wristbands can accompany mobility-impaired patrons in the van. To schedule the SXSW accessible van, please call 405-TRANSPO. Information on shuttle stops is available from volunteers at Info Booth in the Austin Convention Center, or from the SXSW Shuttles page.

Accessible taxis servicing locations not covered by free shuttles include:

  • Yellow Cab: 512-452-9999 / Website
  • Austin Cab Company: 512-478-2222

Public transportation information is available at:

Check back closer to SXSW 2019 as we confirm garages that accommodate wheelchair accessible vans. Below is what we anticipate will be available.

E. 7th and San Jacinto Parking Garage

  • 5 ADA parking spots

Hilton Hotel Parking Garage

  • 500 E. 4th St., Austin, TX 78701. Entrance on Red River: 6 ADA parking spaces

Austin Convention Center Parking: 5th Street Garage

  • 601 East 5th Street, entrance on 5th Street, between Red River and Sabine streets: 7 ADA parking spaces on the ground floor
  • Upper levels: 10 ADA parking spaces with no more than 6’ 11” clearance

Hobby Building State Parking Garage

  • 300 San Antonio St., Austin, TX 78701. 5 ADA parking spaces.
  • Entrance on Nueces and San Antonio

Silicon Labs

  • 400 W. Cesar Chavez St., entrance on San Antonio: 5 ADA parking spaces
  • 200 E. Cesar Chavez St., entrance on Colorado: 5 ADA parking spaces
  • Both parking garages are pay-to-park
  • Self parking starts at 3pm & valet parking starts at 5pm

Austin Convention Center Parking: 2nd Street Garage

  • 201 East 2nd Street, entrance on Brazos: 19 ADA parking spaces
  • Due to the age of the building (built prior to ADA Federal requirements), clearance throughout the structure is 6’9”

Radison Hotel

  • 111 E Cesar Chaves St. Austin, TX 78701, 8 handicap parking spaces in the garage. Due to the age of the building (built prior to ADA Federal requirements) the clearance throughout the structure is 6’9”.

Four Seasons Hotel

  • 98 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin, TX 78701. 4 ADA spaces.

Sheraton Hotel

  • 701 E. 11th St., Austin, TX 78701. 7 ADA spaces

Omni Hotel

  • 700 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78701. Entrance on E. 8th St., 3 ADA spaces

Corazon Building

  • 1000 E. 5th St., Austin, TX 78702. Entrance on San Marcos. 7 ADA spaces

Palmer Event Center – 900 Barton Springs Rd.

  • 900 Barton Springs Road: ADA parking spaces are available on all levels, near the elevators

Stay Tuned

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