Indie Corner and Gamer’s Voice Stage

The greatest indie games from around the world are featured each year in the SXSW Gaming Expo’s Indie Corner to compete for the SXSW Gamer’s Voice Award. This crowd-voted award is dedicated to indie developers and teams and is part of the SXSW Gaming Awards.

Indie Corner and Gamer’s Voice Stage

2016 SXSW Indie Corner & Gamer's Voice Stage – Photo by Lauren Lindley

Indie Corner presented by NVIDIA Indie Spotlight


Stop by the Indie Corner to vote for the game that you think deserves the coveted Gamer’s Voice Award! Then on Saturday evening, March 18, join us at the SXSW Gaming Awards to see which of these games takes home the final award.

SXSW Gaming 2017 takes place in the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas from Thursday, March 16 – Saturday, March 18.

About Gamer's Voice Stage


The Gamer’s Voice Stage serves as a platform for the indie teams and developers to pitch their games to SXSW Gaming Expo attendees in a more intimate setting.

Thursday, March 16

12:15pm: Ape Out | Gabe Cuzzillo
12:45pm: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun | Mimimi Productions
1:15pm: Red Rope: Don’t Fall Behind | Yonder
1:45pm: Circles | Illusive Games
2:15pm: Haimrik | Below the Game
2:45pm: Overcooked | Ghost Town Games
3:15pm: CHKN | Katapult
3:45pm: Cryptark | Alientrap
4:15pm: Beasts of Balance | Sensible Object
4:45pm: Asura | Ogre Head Studio
5:15pm: Tooth and Tail | Pocketwatch Games
5:45pm: Flat Heroes | Parallel Circles
6:15pm: Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor | Sundae Month
6:45pm: Event [0] | Ocelot Society
7:15pm: Friday Night Bullet Arena | Red Nexus Games
7:45pm: Far From Noise | George Batchelor

Friday, March 17

12:15pm: MachiaVillain | Wild Factor
12:45pm: The Pedestrian | Skookum Arts
1:15pm: Sky Noon | Lunar Rooster
1:45pm: Katana Zero | Askiisoft
2:15pm: Hollow Knight | Team Cherry
2:45pm: Invisigun Heroes | Sombr Studio
3:15pm: Night in the Woods | Infinite Fall
3:45pm: No Truce With The Furies | ZA/UM
4:15pm: The Shrouded Isle | Kitfox Games
4:45pm: Where the Water Tastes Like Wine | Dim Bulb Games
5:15pm: Code 7 – Episode 0: Allocation | Goodwolf Studio
5:45pm: Human: Fall Flat | Curve Digital
6:15pm: Bootleg Systems | NEONABLE
6:45pm: Mages of Mystralia | Borealys Games
7:15pm: Antihero | Tim Conkling
7:45pm: Obduction | Cyan

Saturday, March 18

12:15pm: Tumbleseed | AEIOWU
12:45pm: She Remembered Caterpillars | jumpsuit entertainment
1:15pm: Akuto: Mad World | Hut 90
1:45pm: ARENA GODS | Supertype
2:15pm: The Hex | Daniel Mullins Games
2:45pm: Vast: The Crystal Caverns | Leder Games
3:15pm: Saltlands | Antler Games
3:45pm: DERU – The Art of Cooperation | Ink Kit
4:15pm: Owlboy | D-Pad Studio
4:45pm: Sundered | Thunder Lotus Games
5:15pm: Strikers Edge | Fun Punch Games
5:45pm: The Metronomicon | Puuba

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