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SXSW Housing & Travel offers a wide selection of Austin hotels at the best available rates during SXSW Gaming. We are your guide for getting to, from, and around Austin with ease during the festival. See our hotel availability, reservation policies, getting around Austin and more below.

Register and book your hotel for SXSW Gaming 2019 from March 15-17. SXSW registrants typically save 35-50% when booking through SXSW Housing & Travel versus online travel agencies and direct bookings. Begin your SX adventure today!

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Stephen Olker

Stephen Olker

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SXSW Gaming registrants get access to hotels at the lowest rates available during SXSW by making reservations through SXSW Housing & Travel. As many SXSW Gaming veterans know, hotels might charge as much as double if booked outside of SXSW Housing & Travel due to the overwhelming amount of people visiting Austin the week of the festival.

Enjoy even greater savings during the second half of SXSW while attending SXSW Gaming. If you plan to arrive and enjoy SXSW after March 14, you can experience even lower rates at budget-friendly hotels just outside of downtown and even at our most sought after downtown properties. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fully experience all of SXSW with the utmost convenience.

After purchasing your SXSW Gaming wristband you are able to make your hotel reservation with SXSW Housing & Travel. Book your hotel using the link provided in your Gaming wristband confirmation email.

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Browse hotels and find out which hotels are available before you purchase your wristband. Gaming rooms are available to check-in between March 14–17, 2019.

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