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Experience the Best Tabletop Games at the SXSW Gaming Expo

Tabletop Experience - Alexa Wagner

Each year SXSW Gaming celebrates all things gaming and geek culture in one massive festival and conference experience, which includes everything from the newest AAA and indie video game releases, to the latest comics, anime, and show announcements.

But, one area that we especially take pride in is the vast array of tabletop gaming that you’ll find in the expansive Tabletop Experience!

Here, SXSW Gaming attendees will have access to a library of hundreds of tabletop games that are all available for open play in the Gaming Expo. These games range from classics like Catan and Ticket to Ride to the latest hot releases such as Blood Rage, King of New York, Codenames and several more.

There’s never a dull moment in the Tabletop Experience, and whether you decide to bring your own group or come to engage with thousands of your fellow tabletop gamers, we’re excited to welcome you to the table for another round of gaming.

If you’re also interested in learning more about SXSW Gaming and what you’ll find this March, then join us for either our Community Meet Up on January 2, or our first Tabletop Night of the year on January 10!

Tabletop Experience – Photo by Alexa Wagner

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