Session Highlight: Video Games For People Who Don’t Like Video Games

Brie Code

The title of this session might make it seem out of place at a gaming conference such as SXSW Gaming. But this session, organized by renowned programmer Brie Code, is sure to be extremely entertaining and spur many conversations.

Since the dawn of gaming, gamers have been viewed as an exclusive and niche market, open only to the devoutly geek. Gaming was not flashy and was largely ignored by the general populace. This stigma surrounding the gaming world and geek culture is rapidly fading away however, as the gaming industry continues to grow and more people quickly become gamers themselves through accessible gaming platforms such as mobile devices and powerful, cost-effective consoles.

This session, comprised of Brie Code (Tru Luv Media), Sagan Lee (Hand Eye Society), Eve Thomas (Tru Luv Media), and Sheri Graner Ray (Zombie Cat Studios, Inc.), will address how the gaming world is rebranding itself, and how forms of interactive storytelling like gaming are being marketed to new demographics of people who never imagined themselves as gamers before.

Through Tru Luv Media, Brie Code brings game designers and creative minds from industries outside of the gaming realm together to collaborate on exciting and innovative titles. This merging of diverse minds and ideas is a great recipe for unique games, and games that are able to appeal to people who have previously seen little value in video games.

As the world of gaming continues to gain influence in modern culture, so will its applications. Games are being used for all sorts of new ideas, such as treating illnesses, educating children, addressing social issues, and much, much more.

Be sure to attend this session at SXSW Gaming 2017 if you’re interested in seeing where games are going now, and which markets will quickly begin to open up through the works of groups like Tru Luv Media.

Video Games For People Who Don’t Like Video Games
March 17 | 11:00am – 12:00pm
Austin Convention Center, Room 5ABC
Access: All Badges (Platinum, Interactive, Film, Music) and Gaming Wristband
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Photo courtesy of Brie Code

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