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The Esports Tournament Stage Returns

Esports Tournament Stage

Competitive esports at SXSW all started with StarCraft II in 2012. Then came League of Legends, DOTA 2, Street Fighter IV, and a clash of epic proportions during Battle of the Five Gods for Super Smash Bros. Melee at SXSW Gaming 2016.

And after five years of amazing tournament majors, we’re proud to announce that the Esports Tournament Stage will return for SXSW Gaming 2017!

Esports is a phenomenon that has continued to explode throughout the gaming industry over the past few years, and the communities around each of its unique competitive games brings a new flavor of fun to the SXSW Gaming Expo each and every year.

With a Battle of the Five Gods production that’s left fans raving for more great esports content in 2017, we can’t wait to reveal what comes next for the Esports Tournament Stage.

And, as Austin continues to grow as a major esports hub for all games, we’re excited to continue featuring more esports events and content in what will be another expectation-shattering experience during 2017.

But don’t wait until then, early-bird registration rates are now available for the SXSW Gaming Wristband! Secure yours today and don’t miss a second of the action next March in Austin, Texas.

2016 SXSW Gaming Battle of the Five Gods – Photo by Twitch

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