Embracing the Spirit of Competition

Battle of the Five Gods, SXSW Gaming 2016 - Photo courtesy of Twitch

At the heart of everything that happens at SXSW Gaming is competition.

Whether that means battling for your share of a massive prize pool in an esports major, trying to hit a personal best on a DDR cabinet in the Arcade Bunker, dominating a game of Catan at the Tabletop Experience, taking home a coveted SXSW Gaming Awards trophy, or by simply outlasting them all in a round of PUBG in the PC Arena, we all live and play to reach greater heights. No matter the format, SXSW Gaming celebrates the fun of competition, from the casual, grassroots levels of gaming to the peaks of esports and tournament glory.

SXSW Gaming traces its roots back to 2006 when it was then known as the ScreenBurn Arcade, which was merely a small corner of the SXSW Trade Show. Since those days, we’ve grown into a full-blown festival that’s dedicated to showcasing the creative ways that gaming allows us to play, connect, and compete.

Our mission at SXSW Gaming is to create a space where the most unique gaming experiences thrive and passionate gamers go to enjoy and challenge themselves in new and engaging ways. There is no other creative medium that connects us so closely, and we aim to continue to grow the festival in a variety of ways that bring the sharpest, most inventive minds together for a celebration of all things gaming.

We’re incredibly excited about what the 2018 season holds for SXSW Gaming. From the fierce battles waged in our major esports tournaments, an expanded lineup of SXSW Gaming parties and evening events, a variety of new organized competitions in our open play areas, and improved conference program—including Featured Speakers—SXSW Gaming 2018 will easily be the best edition yet.

Wristbands for SXSW Gaming are on sale now at the lowest rates of the year. For those simply looking for a little fun at SXSW Gaming, be sure to pick up your single-day or three-day pass today. If you’re looking to take a more active role in participating in SXSW Gaming in 2018, entries for the SXSW Gaming Awards and Gamer’s Voice Awards are now open, with more opportunities opening very soon.

With plenty more to come between now and March, drop us a line at gaming@sxsw.com if you’re interested in taking part in SXSW Gaming in a way that you haven’t seen offered yet.

Interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest news on SXSW Gaming 2018? Then stay tuned for more major announcements on our website and follow us @SXSWGaming on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Battle of the Five Gods, SXSW Gaming 2016 – Photo courtesy of Twitch



Andrew McNeill

Gaming Conference Manager

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