Gamer’s Voice Nominees Revealed for SXSW Gaming 2017

Gamer's Voice Announcement

After reviewing hundreds of independent game entries from across the gaming industry, SXSW Gaming has selected the final nominees for the 2017 Gamer’s Voice Single Player and Multiplayer award categories.

With 28 total Gamer’s Voice Single Player and 16 total Gamer’s Voice Multiplayer nominees, we’re excited to see what great things will happen when SXSW Gaming attendees get to try these cutting-edge games at the Gaming Expo this March:

2017 Gamer's Voice Single Player Announcement Blog Photo

Single Player Nominees

Ape Out – Gabe Cuzzillo | Asura – Ogre Head Studio | Bootleg Systems – NEONABLE | CHKN – Katapult | Circles – Illusive Games | Code 7 – Episode 0: Allocation – Goodwolf Studio | Cryptark – Alientrap | Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor – Sundae Month | Event [0] – Ocelot Society | Far From Noise – George Batchelor | Haimrik – Below the Game | The Hex – Daniel Mullins Games | Hollow Knight – Team Cherry | Katana Zero – Askiisoft | MachiaVillain – Wild Factor | Mages of Mystralia – Borealys Games | The Metronomicon – Puuba | Night in the Woods – Infinite Fall | No Truce With The Furies – ZAUM STUDIO OÜ | Obduction – Cyan | Owlboy – D-Pad Studio | The Pedestrian – Skookum Arts | Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Mimimi Productions | She Remembered Caterpillars – jumpsuit entertainment | The Shrouded Isle – Kitfox Games | Sundered – Thunder Lotus Games | Tumbleseed – AEIOWU | Where the Water Tastes Like Wine – Dim Bulb Games

2017 Gamer's Voice Multiplayer Announcement Blog Photo

Multiplayer Nominees

Akuto: Mad World – Hut 90 | Antihero – Tim Conkling | ARENA GODS – Supertype | Beasts of Balance – Sensible Object | DERU – The Art of Cooperation – Ink Kit | Flat Heroes – Parallel Circles | Friday Night Bullet Arena – Red Nexus Games | Human: Fall Flat – No Brakes Games | Invisigun Heroes – Sombr Studio | Overcooked – Ghost Town Games | Red Rope: Don’t Fall Behind – Yonder | Saltlands – Antler Games | Sky Noon – Lunar Rooster | Strikers Edge – Fun Punch Games | Tooth and Tail – Pocketwatch Games | Vast: The Crystal Caverns – Leder Games

The Gamer’s Voice Awards (unlike the other 21 Gaming Awards categories) present an exclusive opportunity for nominees to exhibit at the Gaming Expo in a complimentary space which is found within the Indie Corner, where attendees will be able to play, vote, and determine the winner of each category live during SXSW Gaming.

Winners of the Gamer’s Voice Awards are determined entirely by a public vote at the Gaming Expo, with previous winners including Gang Beasts, SUPERHOT, SpeedRunners, and Niddhogg.

Experience all 44 nominees at SXSW Gaming 2017 with your SXSW Gaming wristband, and be sure to vote for your favorite games in the Gaming Awards over on IGN!

2017 Indie Corner – Photo by Roi Hernandez

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