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Get Involved at the SXSW Gaming Expo

Nintendo at SXSW Gaming 2017 - Photo by Merrick Ales

SXSW is a world-renowned destination for discovering the newest technologies and fostering the most creative ideas in a way that will take industries by storm.

2017 was a landmark year for SXSW Gaming. Following an immensely-successful event in March that saw tens of thousands of new attendees enjoy everything that SXSW Gaming had to offer, we’re eager to bring some amazing new gaming experiences to Austin in 2018. With several opportunities for brands, titles, manufacturers, and developers to reach their desired audiences across all aspects of gaming culture, the SXSW Gaming Expo offers everyone a little bit of everything.

This year, we continue to create world-class productions across all of our premiere spaces, which includes the Esports Tournament Stage, Student Showcase, Indie Corner, and our open play areas such as the PC Arena, Arcade Bunker, Tabletop Experience, and VR Vault.


SXSW Gaming caters to one of the most diverse and enthusiastic crowds of gamers in the nation. With attendance peaking at 46,000 in 2017, there are endless possibilities to make an impact with the dedicated community you’ll find in the Gaming Expo halls. And, with prices and incentives that can’t be beat, you won’t want to miss out on your chance to get in early for the 2018 festival.

Exhibit at SXSW Gaming


Sponsorship opportunities have grown by multitudes for SXSW Gaming 2018. Whether you’re interested in targeting your preferred niche of consumers, or want to have it known who you are throughout the whole festival, there’s a specialized opportunity for your brand waiting to be taken.

Become a Sponsor


Interested in creating something truly unique that just doesn’t fit in the confines of an exhibition space? SXSW Gaming expands throughout a variety of spaces both within and outside of the Austin Convention Center. Explore several intriguing and diverse spaces that are sure to bring your objectives to fruition in the most effective manner.

Activate at SXSW Gaming


Interested in helping shape the play opportunities that attendees enjoy at SXSW Gaming? Whether you’re a developer or experienced community member eager to get games in the hands of gamers, SXSW Gaming is actively curating a robust program of opportunities in each of its unique open play areas.

Get Involved in Open Play

With a wide array of content available for you to be a part of during SXSW Gaming, don’t miss the many opportunities that exist for your company and products throughout next year’s festival. Featuring unparalleled brand opportunities, activations, and partnerships with thousands of gamers who are eager to engage, inquire today about how you can secure your involvement at the lowest possible rates!

We’re thrilled to assemble another amazing event in 2018, and hope that you will join us for the best year yet at SXSW Gaming.

Nintendo at SXSW Gaming 2017 – Photo by Merrick Ales


Estevan Aviles

Gaming Festival Programming Specialist

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