Intruders: Hide & Seek Wins Best Pitch at SXSW Gaming 2017

Intruders: Hide & Seek

Following the spirit of discovery for the next big thing that’s exhibited throughout all of SXSW, the 2017 SXSW Gaming Conference & Festival introduced the new and prestigious addition of the Pitch Competition to the overall Gaming Program.

With 16 highly-talented development teams from around the world competing for the title of Best Pitch during this inaugural competition, each game that came through SXSW Gaming should be applauded and recognized for their great potential. However, only one could take home the grand prize.

For 2017, Tessera Studios decisively took home the title of Best Pitch for their work on upcoming PlayStation VR thriller game: Intruders: Hide & Seek.

Intruders: Hide & Seek

Founded in Madrid at U-Tad during 2016, Tessera Studios has swiftly risen as a standout independent Spanish game studio which has embraced VR as the creative platform for its first game title.

And, with significant funding provided through Sony to pursue and publish their game on PlayStation VR, this group of friends and former students are ready to take the VR world by storm.

Intruders: Hide & Seek is a thriller experience in which you take the role of Ben, a 13-year-old boy who has just witnessed his family captured and tortured by three strangers who have broken into the house. After witnessing this horrendous scene, it’s up to you to silently explore the home and discover what the intruders’ ambiguous intentions for all of this may truly be.

With a mature audience in mind from the start, this level of thriller for a game in an all-encompassing environment like VR will lead to very intense and powerful moments for all players who done the headset.

And, with an aggressive goal to reach tens of thousands of VR users within the first year of release, Intruders: Hide & Seek will surely have the industry abuzz with what will come next from Tessera Studios.

A behind-the-scenes look at the game’s development.

Many companies and teams participated in the inaugural Pitch Competition, and so it’s important to also highlight those finalists who had made it alongside Tessera Studios in the final hours of the competition. This list of spectacular finalists includes:

Roto Color Runners – Blue Volcano Studio
Iron Tides – Crash Wave Games Inc.
Brave New World – Foxtail Games
Vidar – Razbury Games
Legrand Legacy – SEMISOFT
RUNNER UP: SwapBots – SwapBots Ltd
VarDragons – VarDragons / Bad Pilcrow
WINNER: Intruders: Hide & Seek – Tessera Studios

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Media material provided by Tessera Studios



Estevan Aviles

Gaming Festival Programming Specialist

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