Session Highlight: Change or Die: The Risks of Trying Something New

Patrick Plourde and Chris Morris

Every year a new blockbuster shooter comes out on the market without fail. Super Mario has been executing the same core gameplay since its initial release in 1985. And, MMORPGs have risen and fallen in the shadow of World of Warcraft for over a decade.

So what needs to happen so that not only do studios branch out and create new ground-breaking games, but so there’s also a healthy market of players willing to buy into a new way to game?

Thankfully, due to the surge of independent games over the past few years, we’re entering a golden age in gaming where new ideas are plenty and audiences are highly receptive to them. Think Mirror’s Edge, Child of Light, Undertale, and Life is Strange.

Child of Light Trailer

It’s clear now that many gamers want something new and fresh. However, it’s still a challenge to pinpoint how to exactly deliver that without creating something that winds up being just a gimmick.

Join industry thought leaders Patrick Plourde (Ubisoft), Chris Morris (CNBC), and more game development pioneers as they explore what it takes to create a breakout success in a development world that requires you to think years ahead of your time.

Eagle Flight Trailer

With new technology such as VR rapidly rising in the gaming industry, we’re excited to see what new kinds of games begin to emerge from both AAA studios and independent developers.

Change or Die: The Risks of Trying Something New
March 16 | 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Austin Convention Center, Room 5ABC
Access: All Badges (Platinum, Interactive, Film, Music) and Gaming Wristband
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Photos courtesy of Patrick Plourde and Chris Morris

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