SMUG Crowned Champion at Fighters Underground

Fighters Underground Champion: SMUG

SXSW Gaming 2017 saw a legendary series of Street Fighter V matches at the Fighters Underground, which had concluded in a 3-2 turnaround knockout of Team Liquid’s NuckleDu by none other than SMUG. Who, took it all home with the greatest of ease.

SMUG left SXSW Gaming with the title of champion and $7,000 as the first-place competitor of the Fighters Underground, presented by Twitch Esports and powered by Alienware.

Other highlights of the event included an unprecedented streak by up-and-coming star PG Punk, who concluded the group stages with a 7-0 streak, and the elimination of former champion EG Momochi before even making it out of the group stages.

Finalist Placements

1st Place: SMUG | $7,000
2nd Place: NuckleDu | $4,000
3rd Place: Luffy | $2,000
4th Place: RB | $1,500
5th Place: Filipino Champ & Justin Wong | $1,000
7th Place: Punk & Gamerbee | $700

To relive all of the action from, and see a full recap of, the Fighters Underground, check out the VODs that are currently live on Twitch!

Congratulations to all of the great Street Fighter players who competed at the Fighters Underground this year, and we look forward to welcoming all of these outstanding competitors back to SXSW in the not-so-distant future.

Photo by Thomas Tischio


Estevan Aviles

Gaming Festival Programming Specialist

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