SXSW PanelPicker: Vote August 7-27

PanelPicker Voting Now Open

Update: The SXSW PanelPicker community voting period has been extended until 11:59pm PT on Sunday, August 27!

With over 4,000 speaking ideas covering the music, film, interactive, education, and gaming industries, we need YOU – the community – to lend us your expertise and weigh-in on which proposals should be chosen for SXSW 2018.

PanelPicker Voting

How to Vote

Voting is easy. First, visit and login or create an account. If you’ve created a SXSW account in 2013 or later, you will be able to use the same login and password.

Once you are logged in to PanelPicker, you can begin the voting process. Filter through proposals by session formats, programming tracks, and even difficulty levels. You can also search for a proposal by title, description, tags, and speakers in the search field.

Each voter can only vote once per proposal – selecting “arrow up” for yes or “arrow down” for no. We also encourage leaving comments about the proposals you vote on to facilitate constructive conversations on the topics that you’d like to see for next year’s event. Have a question for the organizer? This is also a great place to post all of your questions.


During Community Voting, it’s also important for anyone who submitted a proposal to rally online support for your idea and encourage voting through your personal blog or social media channels. We have created handy “Vote For My PanelPicker Idea” graphics for you to use for social media sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Inside the PanelPicker Process

Each year, the SXSW PanelPicker helps shape most of the SXSW Conference programming that you see at SXSW. Community Voting comprises 30% of the SXSW Conference programming decision, plus input of the SXSW Staff (30%) and Advisory Board (40%) helps ensure that less well-known voices have as much of a chance of being selected to speak at SXSW as individuals with large online followings. Together these percentages help determine the final content lineup.

For more information about the Community Voting process, read the PanelPicker FAQ and visit the SXSW PanelPicker page.

Cast Your Votes August 7 – 27

Storytelling in Games and Animation, SXSW Gaming 2017 – Photo by Luis Bustos

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Gaming Festival Programming Specialist

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