Clash Royale Super Magical Cup Tournament Details Announced

Clash Royale Super Magical Cup at SXSW Gaming 2018

Clash Royale is taking over the SXSW Gaming Tournament Stage on March 16 & 17 with two unique events: the Super Magical Cup: Kings of the Hill and Super Magical Cup: Open Play, each taking a full day of the stage – and each exciting day of competition will be livestreamed around the world.

Like all of our featured esports programing on the tournament stage, both days of the Super Magical Cup are powered by SXSW Gaming 2018’s Tournament Stage production partner, Next Generation Esports (NGE) with and RAZER as key event sponsors.

Both of these events follow the recent announcement of Supercell’s new professional team-based league for Clash Royale, and are certain to attract hopeful Clash Royale amateurs, who will be vying to get the attention of the pro teams!

To that end, the two tournaments we’ve put together for SXSW Gaming have two focuses: one for existing pro teams, and the other, for solo competitors.

SXSW Gaming Super Magical Cup Tournament Details

  • Super Magical Cup: Kings of the Hill (Day 2 of the SXSW Gaming) will be a fresh and fun take on a King of the Hill 3v3 format, pitting the world’s best Clash Royale teams against one another in a battle for Super Magical Bragging Rights.
  • Super Magical Cup: Open Play (Day 3 of the SXSW Gaming) will be an open format where any SXSW Gaming attendees can join the competition, claim the $20,000 prize pool, and get the attention of the professional organizations who will be live at the event (as well as those tuning in online)!

Additionally, some of the Clash Royale scene’s favorite casters will be live on the desk both days: The Rum Ham, Woody, and Enchatin. If you’re a Clash Royale fan, be sure to say hi!

Super Magical Cup: Kings of the Hill

  • Friday, March 16th, 2018, 12 PM – 8 PM CST
  • Tune in at – only on!
  • Event is invite-only to top professional Clash Royale organizations
  • Team Queso, Tribe Gaming, Nova Esports, plus two additional teams TBA
  • Format: Unique 3v3 King of the Hill Format
  • Prize Pool: Ultimate Bragging Rights (and Razer Phones for the teams)

Super Magical Cup: Open Play

  • Saturday March 17th, 2018, 12 PM – 7 PM CST
  • Tune in at – only on!
  • Event is open registration – Clash Royale tournament participants get in free at the door
  • Players must be 16 years of age or older, with Level 8 Clash Royale accounts
  • Registration begins on Friday, March 16th, at the Tournament Stage in the SXSW Gaming Expo for a qualification tournament taking place on that day. The top players will go through the Saturday bracket stage.
  • Format: 1v1. No Bans or Special Rules. Open entry qualifier stage followed by a Single Elimination Best of Three Bracket. Players from Kings of the Hill will be auto-qualified into tournament participation
  • Prize Pool: $20,000

Be sure to purchase your SXSW Gaming Wristband today so you can cheer on your favorite Clash Royale teams and competitors in person, or win the prize pool yourself! But if you can’t be there in person, tune in at to our Twitch channel from 12 PM to 8 PM CST on Friday, March 16, and from 12pm to 7pm CST on Saturday, March 17, to catch all the amazing Clash Royale action!


Andrew McNeill

Gaming Conference Manager

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