Content Creator Application Live for 2019

SXSW Gaming Expo Atmosphere by Lauren Lindley

SXSW Gaming has long valued the creativity of its community and the ever-expanding role a content creator holds in the entertainment industry. In doing so, we would like to offer an exclusive opportunity for both aspiring and professional creatives to take full advantage of SXSW Gaming with a complimentary 3-Day wristband. Before applying, however, we encourage you to take a look at the details of the application below.

To apply for a SXSW Gaming wristband as a content creator, you must fill out the following online application form. The application should be filled out as soon as possible, and no later than Friday, March 8, 2019. No applications will be considered after this date, and walk-up requests will not be granted.

Please note that this application is only open to content creators or influencers within the gaming industry or community that specialize in video games, mobile games, tabletop games, VR/AR, esports, anime, cosplay, hardware, geek culture, comics, and toys. Complimentary wristbands for content creators are also highly limited and will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Applicants who are approved will receive a complimentary 3-Day SXSW Gaming wristband which will allow attendee access to organized play areas, exhibitions, the SXSW Gaming Awards show, and SXSW-exclusive activities throughout the gaming festival. All attendees, including content creators, must adhere to the SXSW Gaming code of conduct.

Streaming Opportunities for Content Creators

In addition to receiving a content creator credential, you will be able to indicate whether or not you’d like to participate in The Streamery for a programmed streaming slot. The Streamery is home to fully-equipped streaming stations that will be available for content creators, panelists, award participants, and exhibitors to broadcast live from SXSW Gaming. Please note: Approval of content creator credentials does not guarantee a Streamery broadcast slot.

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See ya in 2019!

SXSW Gaming Expo Atmosphere by Lauren Lindley


Pam Renteria

Gaming Marketing Specialist

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