Cosplay, Clash Royale, and Awards: Day Three SXSW Gaming Highlights

Tough Coded: Live at SXSW Gaming 2017 Cosplay Contest

It’s hard to believe the last day of the 2018 SXSW Gaming festival is already here, but alas! Here’s a quick run down of all the excitement linedup for today.

On the Tournament stage: Clash Royale Super Magical Cup: Open Play. This tournament is an open format where any SXSW Gaming attendees can join the competition, claim the $20,000 prize pool, and get the attention of the professional organizations who will be live at the event (as well as those tuning in online)!.

The SXSW Gaming Cosplay Contest is back for another wild year! The contest is open to all ages but remember to sign up in advance online or in person to be a part of this year’s Cosplay Contest.

The festival will conclude this evening with the SXSW Gaming Awards, hosted by Alanah Pearce and Rich Campbell. The SXSW Gaming Awards recognizes the greatest titles, teams, and individuals from across the gaming industry. Since its premiere in 2014, the show has exploded in attendance to become a must-see stop for thousands of attendees during SXSW Gaming. Join hosts Alanah Pearce and Rich Campbell for the fifth-annual SXSW Gaming Awards as we honor dozens of phenomenal games from 2017 with special guest appearances and entertainment throughout the night.

A Few Highlights

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