Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert, Rocket League, and Internet Culture: Day Two Gaming Highlights

SXSW Gaming, March 15 atmosphere.

Yesterday was one for the books but we’re not done yet, not even close!

Clash Royale Super Magical Cup: Kings of the Hill will dominate the Tournament to stage today. This invite-only competition will feature top professionals including Team Queso, Tribe Gaming, Nova Esports, and more.

The SXSW Gaming featured sessions offer some of the most forward-thinking and inspirational speakers. Today’s lineup is stacked with can’t miss voices including Gamer Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert, NBA’s Brendan Donohue, Fnatic Founder Sam Mathews, and more. These sessions take place on the third floor of the convention center in room 6AB.

Get a glimpse at games that will soon take the industry by storm through the SXSW Gaming Pitch Competition. The competition finals will feature guest judges David Eddings (Rooster Teeth), Elizabeth Howard (Aspyr), Nigel Lowrie (Devolver Digital), and Jared Epicpower (Muxy).

Keep reading for a few more highlights and check out the online schedule for a full look at the day.

Full Friday Gaming Schedule

SXSW Gaming, March 15 atmosphere. Photo by Aaron Rogosin.


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