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SXSW Gaming, March 15-17, is just around the corner! This high-energy, three-day event shines a light on what’s buzzing in the gaming space. The 2018 festival features a sprawling Gaming Expo, one-of-a-kind awards show and unmatched industry programming.

Learn more about the event and lock in your plans to attend today.

How to Attend

Purchase a SXSW Gaming Wristband or gain access with a SXSW Badge. With a SXSW Gaming Wristband, you’ll be granted complete access to each portion of the show as well as exclusive perks such as discounted hotel rooms, complimentary swag bags, and access to incredible special events.

Wristband Type Through
March 8
March 15-17
$39 $49 Buy Now
March 15
$20 $25 Buy Now
March 16
$20 $25 Buy Now
March 17
$20 $25 Buy Now

SXSW Gaming 2018 will be free to children 12 years of age and younger.

Quick Preview of SXSW Gaming

There’s no shortage of entertainment and discovery to be had at the fest. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find at SXSW Gaming.

PC Arena – Equipped with the latest releases and all-time popular games, the PC Arena welcomes both new and veteran gamers for organized play and daily tournaments.

Arcade Bunker – Relive the classic arcade experience with the latest releases and all-time favorites at the Arcade Bunker.

Tournament Stage – Trending esports titles and some of the best professional gamers from around the world will take the Tournament Stage to compete. The stage will also play host to a variety of tournaments for both seasoned and new players.

Tabletop Experience – Tabletop fanatics and curious newbies will find the latest games and long-time classics, with an exclusive library of over a hundred unique games, at SXSW Gaming.

Indie Corner – The Indie Corner is home to all of the independent games and developers nominated for a Gamer’s Voice Award. Each title is showcased in a competition that calls for public play and voting, concluding at the Gaming Awards.

Awards – SXSW Gaming recognizes the greatest titles, teams and individuals in the industry with categories catering to all major vertices, including mobile, tabletop and VR gaming.

Cutting-Edge Programming – The latest and greatest in esports and gaming takes center stage with insightful talks, meet ups and mentor sessions.

Featured Sessions – SXSW Gaming will spotlight esports industry experts, personalities, developers, team owners and more with Featured Sessions throughout the event.

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