Blankos Block Party To Host SXSW Gaming Opening Party

Artwork provided by Blankos Block Party

SXSW Gaming will team up with the creators behind Blankos Block Party, Mythical Games, to host this year’s SXSW Gaming Opening Party on Friday, March 15th! As a teaser to the Blankos release, attendees will be treated to a curated remix of cool music, art culture, rare collectibles and social meet-ups.

Blankos Block Party will premiere at SXSW Gaming with a “First Look” showcase featuring a DJ set by world-renowned musicologist Questlove. Influencers and party-goers alike will be the first in the world to meet the fun-filled characters of Blankos and playtest the game! There will also be SXSW exclusives throughout the night, including limited edition Blankos card deck giveaways that will grant one-off collectible Blankos characters redeemable before the global release of the game. Lucky attendees might also uncover an exclusive card that grants ownership to Blankos skins designed by notable artists Jon-Paul Kaiser and Dan Lish, or even the Golden Ticket, a one-off Golden Blanko!

Join us as Dan Lish will also be on hand to wow fans with his live art hand-painting presentation, in one of the four Block Party experiences at the event. Jamie Jackson, Chief Creative Officer at Mythical Games and on Blankos said “Blankos Block Party blends everything we love about collecting, uniquely fun characters, and customizing your own world of parties. We can’t wait for them to be released into the wild at SXSW Gaming!”

Fans will have a chance to win SXSW Gaming wristbands and attend this exclusive party by participating in a creative social media challenge, which requires them to post and submit a video of themselves dancing, rapping, or DJing. To participate, fans are encouraged to visit the official Blankos website and social channels for rules and information.

More details about Blankos Block Party and the event will be released by SXSW Gaming ahead of opening night. Sign up for more info at and follow Blankos on social media, @playblankos.

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