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Blankos Block Party Promotional Image provided by Mythical Gaming

Why should you party with Blankos at SXSW Gaming? Blankos Block Party, as featured at the Gamer’s Choice Awards last December, is a new multiplayer gaming experience where players will be able to build their own block parties, create their own game experiences and invite their friends to come and take part while jamming out to dope tunes. In addition to encompassing some of the most popular MMO gaming trends of today such as building, Blankos tickles the interests of vinyl toy collectors by including rare models developed by a wide variety of legendary artists.

Some of these fun characters include Billy Bones – a mischievous Blanko who likes to show off, El Cha – your clueless but funny class clown, and Peanut – your lovable clumsy friend who just wants to fit in. This year at SXSW Gaming, Blankos will release 9 new limited edition characters only available at SXSW, some of which are designed by artists such as Dan Lish and Jon-Paul Kaiser and the game’s Creator Jamie “jnok” Jackson.

Blankos are unique digital collectibles that can be traded and customized, and most importantly, they can be played with in the Blankos Block Party world. Blankos was created by Mythical Games, a team of seasoned industry veterans who’ve worked on some of the coolest games in the industry such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Skylanders, and Guitar Hero to name just a few. We’re anticipating Blankos Block Party to be a refreshing new release for 2019.

Attendees are encouraged to attend the SXSW Gaming Opening Party on March 15th to enjoy a live DJ set by world renowned musicologist Questlove, experience a live hand-painting presentation by the legendary Dan Lish, and potentially become the only holder of the ‘Golden Ticket’ Blanko model who is playable once the game is released.

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