Nate Nanzer and Mina Kimes Discuss the Evolution of the Overwatch League [Video]

This year at SXSW Gaming 2019 ESPN‘s Mina Kimes interviewed Featured Speaker Nate Nanzer, Commissioner of the Overwatch League, about the critical success the Overwatch League achieved in its inaugural season as a first-of-its-kind, city-based esports league and the lessons learned throughout the process.

In his featured session, Nanzer and Kimes discussed how the home/away format is a major priority for the long-term future of the Overwatch League and announced exclusively at SXSW Gaming that the Overwatch League had definite plans to move to home city competitions for the 20 teams in 2020.

“[The Overwatch League has] a lot of momentum right now as the audience grows and there are no signs of a sophomore slump.” – Nate Nanzer, Overwatch League Commissioner

Watch the full Featured Session and more videos on our YouTube channel. The Overwatch League is currently in its second season. Visit the Overwatch League website for schedule information and viewing options.

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Featured Session: The Evolution of the Overwatch League with Nate Nanzer and Mina Kimes – Photo by Alexa Wagner


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