SXSW Gaming offers a premier lineup of industry-leading programming providing a unique experience that feels unlike any other gaming conference. SXSW Gaming is the perfect place to interact with other gaming professionals and fans alike, and there is sure to be a great takeaway for everyone involved, from the casual gamer to the AAA game studio CEO.


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About Gaming Sessions


SXSW Gaming sessions consist of dozens of thought-leaders, developers, personalities, and influencers who span across AAA and indie game studios, tabletop gaming, esports, online broadcasting platforms, and many more fields of gaming and geek culture.

Are you a loyal fan, or an industry insider? Whichever you may be, the SXSW Gaming programming lineup is sure to pique your interest with a variety of new conversations and unique networking opportunities which cover the latest product announcements, industry updates, and sneak peeks at what’s coming next.

SXSW Gaming 2018 takes place in the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas from Thursday, March 15 – Saturday, March 17.

2018 SXSW Gaming Sessions

Colliding Worlds, Shaping the Future of Esports
Heather Garozzo (Team Dignitas), Anthony Muraco (Cavs Legion), Dan Kelley (HyperX), Stan Press (VY Esports)
An inside look at the future of esports through the colliding worlds of brands, players and organizations.

Standardizing Esports: The Next Phase for Cities
Andy Miller (NRG Esports), Kristen Salvatore (Twitch), Max Brown (Events DC), Thierry Chau (Ruckus Wireless)
Esports is soon becoming a $1B industry. Its rapid growth introduces challenges to the leading players in the market: from production of large-scale events, to monetization, to healthy player habits.

The Esports Ecosystem: Credibility is King
Dario Raciti (OMD), Rich Routman (DBLTAP)
Join DBLTAP and OMD to learn how brands can engage with esports fans credibly, insert themselves authentically into the conversation and own a piece of the growing esports industry.

Putting the Sports in Esports
Kirk Lacob (Golden State Warriors), Stratton Sclavos (Vision Esports)
Why are more and more traditional sports brands betting big on esports and what can be learned from their successes and failures in courting the influential esports audience?

IH8URGAME: Fostering Empathy in Gaming Communities
Ashton Williams (Infinity Ward), Eric Monacelli (Marvel), Jeff Legaspi (Annapurna Interactive), Rochelle Snyder (PUBG Corp)
This session will look at the various ways specific online gaming communities behave, from toxic to tranquil to everything in-between, analyzing what can be done to foster a greater sense of empathy.

For Honor: Great Launch to Challenging Live Period
Damien Keiken (Ubisoft), Roman Campos Oriola (Ubisoft)
To be successful, live games must attract new players and retain them for a long period, with a constant need of updating the game. We will go through our key learnings in the past year to do so.

The Democratizing Power of Mobile Esports
Casey Chafkin (Skillz)
With over 2.6 billion mobile gamers, mobile is the most popular gaming platform in history, this panel will examine the current space and explore how mobile is transforming the future of esports.

Esports: The “E” is for Entertainment
Jace Hall (Vision Esports), Rick Haskins (The CW Network), Russell Arons (Machinima), Yoshio Osaki (IDG Consulting)
Hear from prominent industry figures talk about how esports evolves in the next 12-24 months and strategies for increased viewership and multi-platform viewing.

The Ever-Evolving Nature of Game Crowdfunding
Gordon Walton (Artcraft Entertainment), Mary Flanagan (, Starr Long (Portalarium)
Using projects like Shroud of the Avatar, Crowfall, and Wasteland a panel of industry veterans including Starr Long & Gordon Walton will follow the evolution of Crowdfunding from purchase to equity.

The New Co-Op: Crowdsourcing AAA Game Development
Alexandre Remy (Ubisoft), Chris Morris (Fortune/CNBC)
Some game publishers are bringing players into the game development very early on. Others use big data to better tailor the experience. We look at the upsides and pitfalls for creators and players.

The Future of Statistics in Esports
Sabina Hemmi (Elo Entertainment)
With big data, AI, machine learning, and computer vision esports has the potential to usher in new innovation for both statistics and sports. What are the analytical opportunities in esports?

Perspectives on Expertise in Gaming
Adam Toth (University of Limerick), Chris Exton (University of Limerick), Kerry Hagan (University of Limerick), Niall White (Logitech)
This session sheds light on cutting edge developments in research and science and utilises multidisciplinary perspectives to illuminate the ‘how’ in the development of gaming expertise.

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