SXSW Gaming offers a premier lineup of industry-leading programming providing a unique experience that feels unlike any other gaming conference. SXSW Gaming is the perfect place to interact with other gaming professionals and fans alike, and there is sure to be a great takeaway for everyone involved, from the casual gamer to the AAA game studio CEO.

Colliding Worlds, Shaping the Future of Esports at SXSW Gaming 2018 - Photo by Jeremiah Dearinger

Colliding Worlds, Shaping the Future of Esports at SXSW Gaming 2018 - Photo by Jeremiah Dearinger

About Gaming Sessions


SXSW Gaming sessions consist of dozens of thought-leaders, developers, personalities, and influencers who span across AAA and indie game studios, tabletop gaming, esports, online broadcasting platforms, and many more fields of gaming and geek culture.

Are you a loyal fan, or an industry insider? Whichever you may be, the SXSW Gaming programming lineup is sure to pique your interest with a variety of new conversations and unique networking opportunities which cover the latest product announcements, industry updates, and sneak peeks at what’s coming next.

SXSW Gaming 2019 takes place in the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas from Friday, March 15 – Sunday, March 17.

2019 Programming Sessions



ON-DEMAND: Gaming and The Most-Connected Generation, Ever.
Geoff Moore (Envy Gaming), Gerald Youngblood (Tankee Inc.), and Libe Ackerman (SuperParent)

Going Global – How Gaming Attracts the World’s Largest Brands
Amber Allen (Double A Labs), Derice Ortiz (Advocate), Michael Hume (The Washington Post), Patrick Wixtard (Ketchum)

Seeing the Numbers and Being Smart About the Games Industry
Brett Lautenbach (NRG Esports), Jennika Pasinsky (NZXT), Jonathan Miranda (Salesforce), Noah Kolodny (Octagon Inc)

How to Build and Maintain Online Game Communities
Leah Ruben (KingsIsle Entertainment), Tony Jones (Wargaming America), and Eric Musco (BioWare)

Arby’s Arts & Crafts: A Story of Creative Marketing
Jennifer Barclay (Moxie), Mike Singletary (Moxie), Scott Hunt (Moxie)

Why a Brand Community is a CMO’s Best Friend
Rebecca Levey (, Taina Malen (Star Stable Entertainment), Jennifer Tracy (Nickelodeon Velocity), and Cathy Applefeld Olson

Blame Video Games! Shootings, Disease, and Morality
David Najjab (Gearbox Software), Nika Nour (Entertainment Software Association), and Manuel Delgado (Six Foot)

Young Creators Are the Future of Entertainment
Lester Chen (YouTube), Grace Francisco (Roblox), Ned Sherman (Manatt), Erin Wayne (Twitch)


Making Games: It Doesn’t Get Any Easier
Max Hoberman (Certain Affinity), Phillip Weiss (metricminds), Elizabeth Howard (Aspyr), and Gordon Walton (Artcraft Entertainment)

The Business of Fun: Designing a Design Culture
Greg Street (Riot Games), Ken Troop (Wizards of the Coast), John Erskine (Cloud Imperium Games), and Genese Davis

Connected Play: Gamifying the World Around Us
Phil Sage (Hasbro), Valerie Vacante (Collabsco), Krissa Watry (Dynepic Inc), and Meir Biton (StoryBall)

Diversity in Video Games: Hard Talk for Change
Kiki Wolfkill (343 Industries), Anastasia Staten (Entertainment Software Association), and Manuel Delgado (Six Foot)

Don’t Knock it Off! IP Issues for Game Developers
Jennifer Kelly (Fenwick & West LLP)

// Old Dogs Still Got the Tricks: !Ageism_ingames
Kate Edwards (Geogrify), Warren Spector (OtherSide Entertainment), and Jim Galis (Advanced Imagination)

The Technical Art of BioWare’s Anthem
Gracie Arenas Strittmatter (BioWare), Katy Barber (Kakebytes), Ben Cloward (BioWare), and Jeff Vanelle (BioWare)

UX and Cognitive Science in Game Design
Celia Hodent

Esports Industry

Bringing Esports to Sports:
Grant Paranjape (Monumental Sports & Entertainment), Adam Rubin (Detroit Pistons), Colin Hayes (Bucks Gaming) and Claire Kaido (Knicks Gaming and Madison Square Garden Company)

Capturing The Game: Storytelling In Esports:
Nicola Piggott (The Story Mob)

Esports: Player Development Best Practices:
Matt Nashua (Counter Logic Gaming)

Esports and Music:
Gustav Käll (Universal Music Group (UMG))

Esports and Streaming Have Evolved Beyond Winning:
Sabina Hemmi (Elo Entertainment), Ashley Christenson, and Sebastian Park (Houston Rockets)

Esports as a Service: Guaranteeing a Future:
Bethany Lyons (SuperData Research)

Leveling Up Your Next Esports Broadcast:
Nick Cicero (Delmondo), Shaun “Shonduras” McBride (Space Station Gaming), Sam Asfahani (OS Studios), Tricia Sugita (FlyQuest)

Leveraging Esports: The Value for Brands:
Andrew Paradise (Skillz Inc.), Nathan Lindberg (Twitch), Kelly Cagney (Turtle Wax), Andy Swanson (Discord)

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